Three of Five Keys: A Quest Design Pattern

This is a really solid tip that will help you avoid your party getting "stuck" and unable to progress.

Help me find the creator of this sheet

This is a cool Game Master sheet, as if the GM were a character.

Using a written

This should be super easy, barely an inconvenience!

400 Worldbuilding Prompts

This comes as a Google Sheet that you can fill out, and it's more than just 400 ideas. It asks you questions about your world that will help you give it defintion.

Keep Players Intensely Engaged With the 3 Conflicts

I really liked this article about having each character set out some goals, framed as conflicts, to have them be engaged in the story of your campaign.

Monster Move when killed.

A good question on how to handle 7-9 results of Hack & Slash when the enemy has been slain. I struggled a bit with this before it clicked that Hack & Slash is a roll for a series of attack, not just 1 each.