Character Voice Pattern Generator

Gives random qualities of voices and speech that you can use as inspiration to make a character's conversation more distinct and memorable. Here's an example: speaks in a high pitch from the back of the mouth (wide); stares off when speaking; adds in a lot of filler words (um, uh, er).

Map Pin Location Tool

You set your own image as the background and then you can add pins with custom icons to it. Good for marking cities, landmarks, quest locations, etc.

50 Plot Hooks for Soldiers

Fifty plot hooks and ideas for your warrior characters.

Moving from 5e to Dungeon World; how to get players on board

If you're trying to get your D&D players into DW, it's important to remember that it's okay for them to just not like it.

7 Tips On Crafting Dynamic Relationships For NPCs - Roleplaying Tips

Some sections that might interest you include Give Every NPC A Purpose and When In Doubt, Do It To The NPC.

by Ria Kennedy