Random GM Tip – Using Revelation Lists

I really like this method of building lists of "revelations" for your scenes instead of "clues". It ties in particularly well with Dungeon World because your players can often come up with ideas for clues that are better than yours, so you can just tie their clue to your revelation.

How do I move forward when an impending doom was stopped by accident?

The PCs in this question sound like real pieces of work.

List of 100+ Drives for Player Characters

Many many interesting drives for you or your players. The list is made up of drives released under the Creative Commons license.

Where is the 'Show the true face of Death' move detailed?

The top answer by Glazius gives a good explanation on how GM moves are mostly narrative, an also details how you can write real mechanical moves.

Random GM Tip – Running Portals

In “The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces,” an adventure by Michael Polkinhorn in Candlekeep Mysteries, the PCs discover a portal to an extradimensional space, go through it, and become trapped on

Evergreen Valley Adventure

A 13 page adventure for Dungeon World. I like the design of the area map that is included.

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