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Campaign Creator Deck - Shieldice Studio

Shielddice has been showing up in the newsletter pretty consistently because I keep seeing stuff I like from them. This deck is an aide for creating campaigns and quests. The PDF is free or you can buy the physical cards.

Root of Evil Adventure

This is a 13 page PDF adventure that is compatible with solo play. It centers around a druid whose sacred oak has died.

by Parts Per Million $4 USD
How do I kill the party?

I really like this Dungeon World question, but I like the top answer even more.

Advanced Gamemastery: The Goblin Ampersand

Really good video about how pairing two different things together can force your imagination to create something unique and exciting.

by The Alexandrian Video 5m9s
How to break out of

If you've ever followed up every 6- or 7-9 with "uh, and MORE goblins appear" for a long stretch, you might be in the same deadly rut as the OP of this thread.

Stonetop Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter is live for this new Dungeon World-inspired game. It has a ruleset similar to DW but with some updates, and it is centered around adventuring from and for your heroes' community.

Pencil & Paper Character Sheets

The hand-drawn style of these character sheets is really cool.

Using OneNote for GM Notekeeping

A useful way for using OneNote to organize your campaign's notes.

by [deleted] /r/DMAcademy
Tips for improving your improv as a DM taken from Jazz music

Skibbidy bop ski doodly doo, rocks have fallen and killed you.

Magic Item Generator

Five different d6 tables to roll on to create a magic item, including Appearance, Effect, Aesthetic, Cost, and, very cooly, Bond.