Stonetop Kickstarter: March 1st, 2021

Jeremy has been working on Stonetop for many years. A lot of the updates to DW's rules that have gone into it I've incorporated into my own games. This will probably be a Day 1 back from me.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Magic Items?

Who doesn't love some more magic items to borrow for your campaign?

World Generator for DMs

This is a cool way of rolling d6 onto the table and looking at the results, and the layout they fell in, to help you form a world.

Realms of Rothaen Monster Tome

Seventy five monsters from the Rothaen Dungeon World setting.

by Plate Mail Games $5 USD
Getting Players to Engage With Your Lore

I love how Matt talks about using your story to force your players to react to threats that are made to things your character feel connected to.

by Matthew Colville Video 18m2s
7 Ways to Improve Virtual and Online Game Sessions

I would my own tip here, which is to schedule your sessions like concerts. Give a Doors Open time and a Show Starts time. Your next session is Thursday, doors at 7 and show starts at 7:30.

Building Villains Like Pro-Wrestlers

I read a fantastic Reddit post called How to Create Pay-Per-View Worthy Adventures or How to Stop Worrying and Start DMing Like Vince McMahon I wanted to ponder and share with you. I recommend reading...