There's some cool content up for purchase in this issue, and if you're looking for free then there's a ton of music available as well.

Flow Chart for Deciding Quest Activies

Okay this is really cool. You answer yes/no questions about what you (or the players) want to do, and it will lead you to a quest subject suggestion.

Adventure Bundle by Joe Banner

This bundle includes four products for Joe Banner. He puts out good stuff through his Patreon, and this link includes a discount.

400+ Pieces of Music

I listened to a small selection of the music and it's really great. And there's just a ton of it.

Prep Technique: Brainstorming Moves in Advance

A good idea here, of looking at the GM moves and prepping a little something for them. The examples are poignant too.

A DM's Reading List

This is tailored to D&D DMs, but you'll get value out of it anyway. You'll probably recognize #5 on the list (it's Dungeon World).

The Shield Warrior Compendium Class

This is a cool compendium class for characters who want to make their shield a bigger part of their play. Very Captain America, especially the I Can Do This All Day move :)

Potential Buildings and Professions For Your Cities

You can bring your city or village to life with specific buildings geared towards specific professions.

Battles and Wars Supplement

Battles and Wars is the Dungeon World expansion about large-scale conflicts in heroic fantasy. Some sections of the book may be useful for any gaming system and even just for creativity.

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