Some more magical items for you and a particularly fancy looking generator. Also a couple of discussion threads to check out.


Some of you may have noticed your players are more distracted while playing covid-style (online) than they would be at the table.

Dungeon World Criticism?

Dungeon World isn't perfect for everyone, and this thread discusses that.

Free Mini Dungeon

It's system agnostic which means it's a perfect fit for Dungeon World. It contains some lore, and a map with descriptions of content. There are also suggestions on how to tie the map to your campaign.

Small Collection of Magic Items

Eight magic items you use or get inspiration from. Shatterbone Bow is such a cool name.

What weird DM habit do you have?

Check out the comment by /u/Horatio_Carbonara/ about how to use nouns and verbs for describing scenes. "Using words to described things??" Crazy, I know.

Random Generator: Oh My Game Master

This is a really nice looking generator for cities, NPCs, landmarks, traps, inns, and shops.

Some Homebrew D&D Items

Five items with hand drawn art included.

Who describes the black gates?

Is it the player who's knocking on Death's door, or the GM?

Dungeons in the Dark Hack

This is a cool hack combining Blades in the Dark with Dungeon World. If you've ever read the BitD book I'm sure you picked up some things that you thought could fit well into Dungeon World.