A new and hopefully better year is upon us. Hopefully with less covid and more dungeons. I only noticed after compiling this issue how much of Johnn Four's roleplaying tips are in here. That's not a coincidence, they're good!

Dungeon Gazette - D&D Newsletter

A Dungeons & Dragons newsletter in the same vein as the Dungeon World Newsletter. It's run by a friend of mine and uses the same software, so you'll notice similarities!

My recipe for starting adventures

I've got a little process that I use whenever I start a game... I've found that this approach reliably kicks off a new game quickly and with a lot of energy, in a way that makes it pretty darn easy to run and improvise.

What Are Three Round Combat Plans?

A way of thinking of your combats with three levels of zoom: Actions, Tactics, Strategy.

Running Wars, Big Battles, and Massive Combat in D&D

The principle applies to DW: don't try to make rules for running wars, rather give your players smaller missions within the war.

30 Things My Players Are No Longer Allowed to Do in the Tabletop RPG (yes, it all happened):

"My players are no longer allowed to call the nameless devil “Greg”."

5 Rules For GMing Awesome NPCs

Giving each NPC a specific trait is a good way for your players remember different NPCs. The article has some sample traits.

MOTiVE Vol. 2 Issue 3: Redthorn

The third and final issue of MOTiVE for 2020 provides locations and NPCs in Gokleve, including merchants that have struck deals with the mysterious Others.

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