You can view the results of last week's poll here. The most voted answer to "What is your favorite class to GM" is the Druid. Probably because of all the funs ways you can make hard and soft moves on a character who's turning into animals.

This edition's poll is what is your ideal player count?

Plundergrounds Zine Bundle

Ray's Plundergrounds are great, and there's a large selection of them on

The Ultimate Guide to 5 Room Dungeons

This is a useful technique for building out dungeons in Dungeon World. The pacing and variety of it is fun for the players. Johnn's newsletter is also worth signing up for.

99 Barely Useful Magic Items

I love lists of silly things like these. Highlights from this list include the Belt of Posture, Random Hat, Beef Knife, and Poorly Dancing Sword.

Jeremy's rewrite of Parley is one of my favorite changes in Homebrew World.

A d100 Table of Minor Properties To Add To Make Your Magic Items More Unique

Some of them are Dungeons and Dragons specific, with references to short rests and whatnot, but many are just flavor.

Favorite GM books that are most relevant to Dungeon World

Most of the answers are articles and not books, but there's a smorgasbord of high quality articles for Dungeon World GMs. One of them was already in this newsletter, the 5 Room Dungeons.

Ptolus: Running the Campaign – Dungeon Clues

Dungeons can be a series of independent rooms, but this article describes how you can use clues to make the entire dungeon feel more connected.

BattleMapp - RPG Mapmaking Software

This map creation software allows you to create fully 3D maps. There are both free and paid versions.