Reddit user qimike had the idea of doing polls, which I really liked. This first poll is Which class do you have the most fun GMing? I'll put the results in the next issue.

33 Tips for Running Online RPGs

With the pandemic across the world, I assume many of you are playing online more than ever.

Chasing Adventure v0.7 is now out!

An update to another Dungeon World hack. This one does away with HP and Damage for conditions, which I find interesting.

Queer Dungeoneers:

Sammy from Queer Dungeoneers, an Australian Dungeon World podcast, clues us in on the value of "being who you are by being someone different".

by Briana Symons Interview
Followers Sheet based on Perilous Wilds

If you haven't picked up Perilous Wilds I really recommend it.

My Framework for GMing Dungeon World

Jeremy goes through his process of how he GMs. There are even flowcharts!

Shax the Ostentatious

Shax is an actor/writer/bartender/barbarian. Some of those could be neat compendium classes.

by @mutant_mutt Character Art
Three Clue Rule

If you've run investigation based campaigns you'll know that sometimes what you think is an obvious clue will never get so much as a passing glance.

The Art of Pacing

Understanding pacing for an RPG requires one to understand the fundamental principle of the RPG medium: The conversation of meaningful choices.