What are your favorite Dungeon World character hacks/mods/alternative rules?

There's one simple tip by cyricpl for making a single roll damage from multiple enemies be more potent that I quite like.

Solve Scheduling Nightmares With The Schrödinger's Characters Method - Roleplaying Tips

Getting your group together is often the most difficult part of running a campaign. The author of this article offers many ideas and examples of ways you can get the dice rolling more often.

by Craig Judd
RPG Master Sounds Mixer Medieval Edition

This Android or iPhone app lets you control the audio experience for your sessions.

Step-by-step: how to write up a front

Fronts are one of the chapters that folks in the DW community regularly point to and say "this could be easier to understand." So here's my answer ... regarding how to proceduralize it. Maybe you'll find it useful, too?

Sage's DW2 notes

This is an older post showing some of the notes that Sage LaTorra has made over the years in case there was a second edition of Dungeon World.

Quick Advice: Never Let NPC's Talk With Each Other

You can exhaust yourself if you get into this trap. Not to mention you might end up playing by yourself for several minutes.