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Take Watch is a bad move and you're a bad person if you like it

Strong words for a post's title, but Jeremy backs it up. Even if you don't agree it's worth reading.

Bloodmage Compendium Class

This is just a really solid compendium class.

Thoughts on these Goblin and Orc race options?

I particularly like the Orc Wizard one: "Even orc wizards can't escape martial training – your damage increases to d6."

Mixed Adventures - A Dungeon World Hack

This hack of DW has some significant changes. For example the stats are replaced with Might, Agile, Versed, Cunning, and Spirited.

Fronts Sheet with Clocks

I've always really liked the clock system from Blades in the Dark for showing the progress of something. This sheet for tracking fronts has them built in.

by Corey
DnDPlotHooks Subreddit

This is a new subreddit where each post is a potential plot hook to use in your D&D campaigns. Many ideas would make good fronts.

Spout Lore Podcast - Season 7 Episode 1

New season of this hilarious podcast.

Is it easier for you guys to play opposite-sex characters?

I enjoyed reading other people's experiences on this.

by C00kie_Monsters /r/rpg Discussion