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Adventures on Dungeon Planet - Red Box Vancouver

"Nothing comes close to this wonderful, assured Dungeon World hack that encompasses the bravado of planetary romance and the gee-whiz fun of Gernsback-era sword and planet coolness. Totally rad."

by Johnstone Metzger Sponsored
2d6 Morale and 2d6 Reactions

These are two very simple new mechanics I'd really like to try. The first is for determining how new creatures feel about the party, so it's not always a fight. The second deals with large groups not needing to always fight to the last person.

by Annowme
Deal Damage is a Crap GM Move

Another post from Jeremy, this one about the blandness of "take 1d8 damage" as a GM move.

The Most Valuable DM Tool: A Good List of Names

A good list of names is one of the best pieces of prep you can have as a GM. This article lists a few sources and links to some generators.

Solo Dungeon World

This booklet allows you to play Dungeon World without a gamemaster. These rules use a simplified yes-no mechanic designed to encourage the use of gamemaster moves.

by PPM $4.95 USD
Random Town Generator

I like this generator. It gives each town some unique features, some factions, and some important characters.