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Class Warfare - Red Box Vancouver

Class Warfare is an awesome supplement that breaks down character creation into multiple different specialties that you strap together. I've used it myself in some campaigns to build some really cool characters. A PDF of Class Warfare is one of the prizes in the giveaway we're running right now!

by Johnstone Metzger
Rewriting Defend

"I've been thinking about the Defend basic move a lot lately. I posted a number of polls about the move to tease out public opinions, and I've spent a fair amount of time discussing the issues that those polls brought up."

Painstakingly edited Spotify playlists that will help you score 100% of your RPG sessions

Playlists for Calm, Combat, Dungeon, City, Voyage, Villains, Intense, Eastern, Metropolis, and Space. No vocals.

Welcome to Amara - A Podcast

This is a retelling of a play-by-post Dungeon World campaign. I've only listened to a little bit of it but the production value is great.

by Sean & Andy
Since You've Been Gone: NPC Life Events While the Party is Away

3 All Dice Tables that provide life-changing events for NPCs while the party was away.

Discern Realities Podcast - Dungeon World Basics 08 - Fronts

Sadly there haven't been new episodes of this fantastic podcast in a while, but they're still worth listening to. Show content: What are Fronts? - Dangers - Grim Portents, Impending Doom, and Stakes Questions - When do we write fronts?

Hunting Down the Wolves - a Bounty Target Generator

Four d8 tables to generate a target for some bounty hunters, answering: How much is the bounty worth? What did the fugitive do? Where are they hiding or running to? What's special about the fugitive?

Best Dungeon World One Shot Modules

The comments give good suggestions of DW supplements.

Playing with Youngers: Dealing with Deathlessness

For those of you running games for a younger group of players, this post talks about alternative stakes to character death.