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Hack & Slash, part II

An updated version of the Hack & Slash move that I prefer. Jeremy goes into a lot of detail about his thought process.

Advice for female DM on doing male voices?

I've linked directly to the top comment, which has good advice for doing voices that can apply to anyone looking to spice up their NPCs.

One-Page Dungeon World Campaign Starter

"This is a campaign starter which randomizes a Campaign Setting with Theme and an Essential Element, the Party Dynamic with a party type and initial quest..."

by Brian Holland Pay-What-You-Want
Sending Players to the Bench

"Ideally, your game will have a perfect one-to-one ratio of players to characters. But sometimes the characters split up or a player skips a game or someone gets killed. What do you do then?"

I like this guideline: "I will never run a game for less than three players or for less than two-thirds of the group"

by The Angry GM Long
Character Sheet for my Barbarian

This is a custom character sheet created for a specific campaign and character.

Soft moves are hard! When to WDYD?

Discussion on when to use soft moves. There's good comments about the distinction between describing what characters see, and actually making moves.

by Xyx0rz /r/DungeonWorld Discussion
The Chromatic Sigils: A Venn Diagram Puzzle For Your Dungeon

This puzzle is more DnD than DW in that it has a known outcome. In Dungeon World I might throw something like this at the players without having any idea what the actual answer to the puzzle is. I still think this is a very cool puzzle.

Dungeon World character portraits

I like that I don't know what DW classes these people are playing.