We're back! After a long hiatus, the Dungeon World Newsletter is up and running again. I'm sure lots of great content has come out since the last issue, so please feel free to send me things that have caught your attention.

D&D d100 table that could be used for Rituals

Get inspiration for what your Wizard must do to complete a ritual. Credit to palimostyle on /r/DungeonWorld for seeing this list's DW potential.

#DungeonWorldDay 2020: Saturday, 22 August - DW Discord

GMs will be running pick-up games, intelligentsia will be offering how-to sessions and Q&A, and fledgling players are welcome to storm dungeons galore alongside hardened veterans.

Spout Lore Podcast: 6-9 - The Breaking of the Chains

The gang gets some much needed R&R, then they run afoul of some marine mammals.

Homebrew World

This hack has been out for a while, but I only recently got a chance to try it. It improves on DW a lot with class changes, new moves, and updates to existing basic moves.

A cautionary tale for former D&D DMs: my lightbulb moment reflecting on a mediocre first session with Dungeon World.

A good read by a new Dungeon World GM about how "encounters" in DW can be handled differently than in D&D.

by Bufus
Roleplaying - Running the Game #83  - 46m Video

In this video Matthew Colville talks about "roleplaying". He discusses different types of characters you can play, and how you can improve your roleplaying. Matt's videos are worth it almost just for his voice.